Gsprating Ad System

Welcome to Gsprating Advertisement Portal (GAP)

We offer our clients an array of advertising solutions. Here you would find details and specifications on all ad units present on our network of websites!

What you will receive if you choose to advertise with us!

     - extensive banner statistics
     - total/approved/unapproved banners
     - impressions/clicks received
     - click through rates
     - most displayed/clicked ads
     - multiple website banner ad marketing New Feature
     - day to day tracking of stats for each banner

  • Target audience for your advertisments
  • Advertisers one step signup/login form
  • Add/edit/delete banners
  • Advertiser can manage own profile
  • Search on approved/unapproved banners
  • Look up for banners of particular size
  • Sorting on clicks/impressions received/date wise
  • Purchase of banner impressions through secure PayPal gateway
  • Total record of purchased impressions

What are "impressions"?

When your banner is viewed on any of our websites by one of our guest that is called an Impression The more impressions you have the more times your banner(s) will be seen, and as you already know the more times your banners are seen the more sales you will generate from your ad campaigns.

Why are impressions better than monthly campaigns?

At Gsprating we know you don't want to waste your money and have nothing in return, but other websites that sell impressions don't think like that. Some people think that impressions are bad because viewers can just stay on your ad and keep refreshing the page until your impressions are all used up. Not here at Gsprating, we thought of that so we coded our GAP system to only count (1) single impression per ip address per user per day. So you can rest assured knowing your impressions are not going to be wasted.

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